Purify is working if:

· You are urinating more frequently

· Your Stool is Softer/Fluffy Looking

· Your Body Feels Like You Have Just Worked-Out (Warm)

· Your Clothes Are Looser

· Your Skin Looks and Feels Better

· Your Stomach is Flatter

· Your Aches and Pains are Almost or Completely Gone

· You Feel and Breath Better

Meal Suggestions

           It is a life style!

Have you had your bottle of WATER today? Purify is like the soap for your insides, after you soap up, you must rise off.

So bottles up please!

It takes about 3500 calories to equal a pound of body weight. A good daily calorie intake is 1200-2100.

If you workout for 30 minutes doing squats, you could burn this many calories: 

Pounds                 Calories Burned

300                             864

250                             720

200                             526

180                             519

160                             460

150                             432

140                             404

You can do 5 minutes intervals then work up to 30 minutes. So if you do this once a day, calculate how many days it would take for you to lose a pound of weight. One pound is 3500 calories.

Example 3500/460= 7 almost 8 days. 

Your body burns 1700 calories a day just to function 

If you are 40 years old or older it is said that if you work out for an hour everyday of the rest of your life you will only maintain your present weight. 

Thank God for Purify! 


Working out is always better, but if you eat right you can still lose weight. With Purify you can sit down, sleep and still lose weight. 1800 calories a day is your best friend.